Front or rear mounted 3/4 row haulm topper

The Trinity 30B is design to pulverise either 3 x 90cm (36”) rows or 4 x 75cm (30”) rows

To overcome the need for an expensive and generally high maintenance cross conveyor, shear plates have been utilized to give a similar effect of a straw chopper. This in turn finely chops the haulm to the point where the following potato harvester can sieve the debris without the use of haulm rollers. The working width is  2.9 metres allowing a greater number of longer flails to be fitted in the outer valley bottoms which drastically improves suction.

  • Reduced running costs– competitively priced wearing parts and quick change flails for reduced down time
  • Heavy duty stub axles, wheel bearings and easy rolling oversize wheels
  • Greatest range of cutting height due to superior depth wheels
  • Rotors feature heavy duty 55mm taper lock bearings
  • Greater variation in flail length to allow better flailing in row bottoms and also flat blades across the row top for maximum suction
  • Replaceable steel inner liner for hood protection unique to the Trinity range of toppers
  • Shear plates to assist fine chopping of haulm with choice of single row or full bed width deflectors
  • Adjustable row and bed widths from 30” to 36”
  • Choice of input speeds: 540, 750 and 1000rpm
  • Tool box
  • LED lighting