Grimme GT170 Windrower Conversion Kit


The windrower conversion kit directly replaces the elevator module on the Grimme GT170 without modification to the host machine, therefore can easily be returned to an elevator harvester at a later date. The 5.3m long cross conveyor allows lifted crop to be conveyed gently over the adjacent 2 rows and deposited into the centre of the next pair of rows allowing a maximum of 8 x 36” rows to be lifted without moving the crop twice, hugely beneficial when making openings for the harvester and trailer. This in turn allows the “offside” wheel to remain in its original position as there is no need for crop to be dispensed in the valley where this wheel runs. The conveyor hydraulically traverses allowing discharge either to the left or right. Each end of the conveyor has a hydraulic ram fitted to allow lowering of the tip end to reduce drop heights to a minimum. For transport the conveyor can hydraulically fold up to 90 degrees on each end bringing the overall width within 3 metres. A safety switch and in cab light protects the conveyor from being folded inadvertently.


Conveyor, 5 sections, with a self cleaning, soft, low flighted PVC 790mm wide PVC sheeted web.