Welding and Fabrication services

Welding and fabrication as at the core of our business, in one way or another the whole factory rotates around this process. Welding is without doubt the standard at which most steel fabrication is first judged.

With this very much in mind it is where we dedicate a lot of our efforts, with the best equipment and comfortable environment for our time served welding. Our staff are supplied with multiple extraction systems, Extraction fans mounted within the buildings, local extraction directly from the torch and the latest generation of air fed masks.

Migatronic are our welding plants of choice where we enjoy fantastic local support from our suppliers, both pulse type and traditional water cooled. We can operate up to 4 plants simultaneously upon demand.

The Latest in Pulse Welding

The control screen/ interface is second to none, has proved very easy to master allowing our operators easy adjustment and programming to produce the highest quality of welds in both mild and stainless steel.

We also offer TIG welding for high quality stainless steel in house, With food processing factories often demanding their machinery in high grade stainless steel, we already have these tools in place.