Ridgepress 2

The Ridgepress 6×30/40 is a British built high quality, high output machine designed specifically to reduce the amount of greening of the potato tuber, both before and after desiccation where sunlight can penetrate cracks that can form around the tops of the rows.

We offer a choice of 600mm x 600mm low pressure “turf tyre” for soft / sandy soils or a smooth steel flat roller for harder row tops (typically used on silt soils where cracking of the row top is more common. The roller units are individually sprung and will ensure that you receive equal and optimum pressure on each row, which when then placed upon the row will either re-seal the crack or allow fine soil to fall through the crack covering the exposed crop (as shown below).

Before Ridgepress

After Ridgepress

For extra convenience each diablo is fitted with a filler plug to add water to achieve even greater pressure if needed.